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BSN Preceptor Workshop

This event was held September 28, 2023. Click here to view the slides.

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Typhon:  Preceptor Log In

Preceptors will receive a welcome email to Typhon. The email will come from The email includes details for logging in and a temporary password. The temporary password expires after 7 days. If you missed it and need a new login, please contact

Typhon Account Number:



UW-Madison’s School of Nursing has begun managing our clinical education processes through Exxat. Exxat offers many features that will improve our communication with you and will make it easier for you to receive and view student documents as well as complete student evaluations. With this change, you will receive emails generated by the Exxat system. Some firewalls or other security measures may reject these emails. Please ask your IT team to accept emails from “” and “” in order avoid this issue. Sites and preceptors won’t be required to login to this system.

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